Four visas that should exist
May 16, 2015

Over the past months I have been planning a move to Australia. The quickest way for me to be there and have the right to work is to apply for the Work and Holiday visa. Being the quickest way by no means make it easy. As with many countries that need highly skilled migrants, Australia is very demanding on the entry and stay requirements. As a I continued researching work visas and migration options, I realized there should be a number of visas that ease travel/work, allow people to experience a country before deciding on permanent relocation, and will not hurt the host country's economy. So for any curious travelers, here are four visas that should exist:

Global Youth Mobility Scheme

This type of visa will allow the holder to live, work and travel to any and all countries that subscribe to the program. Currently there are several schemes in place. This global one will make it possible to apply one time and be allowed in all.

Working Nomad

A tourist visa of up to 90 days that allows the holder to travel and work remotely. No clients within the host country's borders.

Work Exchange

A tourist visa of up to 90 days that allows the holder to work in exchange for room and board. No payment for services is allowed. Only part time work, at most 20h per week.

Foreign Contractor Trial

A short term work visa that allows a company to temporarily hire a worker from overseas for a test period of up to 90 days. The sponsoring company can only do that once every six months and must pay for the contractor's travel.

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