Tutoring kids
August 19, 2014

As I mentioned in a previous entry, I want to make a living by assisting humanitarian causes or NGOs. A good start in finding work in the NGO field is to first volunteer. I found the site Quiero Ayudar and discovered the Red Comunitaria de Apoyo Escolar, a program of Buenos Aires city government to help children's education by providing after school tutoring. I signed up and selected an area close to my apartment.

Me, the coordinator and another volunteer
Me, the coordinator and another volunteer

Every Wednesday, I go to a neighborhood community center that provides a room, sit down and start helping elementary and high school kids with math. Sometimes I teach them new concepts, other times I help them with homework. It can be hectic at times, especially when there are more than 3 kids in need and I have to go around the tables checking their progress.

The program in the center is managed by Uniendo Caminos, an Argentinian NGO that fosters education. The coordinator helps us tutors with information about the kids, scheduling and guidance with tutoring.

Overall my experience has been positive. Although there are some kids that lack basic knowledge for their school grade, it is rewarding to guide them through their small successes, and of the kids with adequate level, it is great to see how tutoring makes them better students.

As with a number of NGO, Uniendo Caminos is in need of more volunteers to teach math, science, english and other subjects. I encourage any interested to contact the organization and start helping kids.

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