Stop trying to be happy, be less miserable
September 25, 2014

Buenos Aires Obelisco
Buenos Aires Obelisco

As a young adult living in a big city, I am not sure what makes me happy and am constantly bombarded with ads, street noise, stress and bad news. Occasionally I identify with the Woody Allen neurotic persona. Yet I do have a clear idea of what annoys me and makes me miserable.

I decided to attempt tackling the many things I was sure affected me negatively. I hated long subway rides to work, so I moved really close to the office. I hated being stressed while balancing work and university, so I started working part-time and eventually quit to fully concentrate on my classes. I felt uneasy about the impact of my job, so I found one where I would help NGO's.

In conclusion, eliminating or mitigating what makes you miserable will give you peace and time to figure out happiness.

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