Independent Worker Meetup
June 13, 2015

I recently partnered with Diego Buzzella to start Worquin, a company that develops custom software. We started forming a small team, and found Camilo Berneri. He is a graphic designer with some programming training that wants to move into more advanced coding. Camilo's girlfriend Soledad hosts D Larga, a monthly gathering of freelancers and other independent workers who talk, advise and coach each other.

Eager and proud entrepreneurs in the wild west of freelancing. From left to right: Sol, Camilo, Marina, Juan, Hernán, Andrés and Carolina.

The meetings have been going on for a while, and on the first one we attended, we discussed red flags, a very important subject. A red flag is a negative indicator every freelancer should detect consider before taking a project. A few of the ones we discussed:

  • The client fired serveral freelancers before
  • Refusing a face to face interview
  • Client saying it will take little time
  • Rush projects
  • No prompt answers to request for details
  • Micromanagement

If you are a freelancer living in Buenos Aires you can find more information on D Larga's page.

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