Educating girls
December 15, 2014

Girl Rising film poster
Girl Rising film poster

On April 2013 I watched Girl Rising, a film about the importance of girl's education. The movie is amazing. It shows how difficult is to educate girls, but how rewarding and important it is to do it, so poverty and violence decrease and the economy prospers around the world. From that moment, I decided I will concentrate and champion this cause: Educating Girls.

¿Why is it important to educate girls?

  • Education helps girls avoid child marriage
  • Education helps girls earn more money when they are adults, which help them reduce their poverty.
  • An educated mother is more likely to send their children (boys and girls) to school
  • A child born to an educated mother is more likely to survive

¿How can I help? (watch, donate, volunteer)

Watch the film and The Girl Effect video

Donating to a local organization in your country or city is a great way to start. There are million girls out of school. You can also use Catapult, a website that funds girls and women's rights projects. Finally, donate directly to Girl Rising or one of their impact partners.

Volunteer as a teacher or tutor

Providing direct education or tutoring to girls is a very enriching experience. You become more patient, understand the educational problems in the country and improve your teaching skills. is a great website to find volunteering opportunities.

Statistics used in girl rising
The Girl Rising Fund
Oventi Travel Girl Rising post
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