A new path for me
July 16, 2014

The problem

For the past 7 years I have been on the wrong path in life. I was on my way to being an engineer, having a nice apartment, doing some occasional travel and living comfortably. All while helping one or more companies make more money. Though it is a desirable life for many, it is not making me happy. I feel a lack of purpose in a conflicted world. Money and consumption are becoming more annoyances than tools to better my life. I need peace for me and my environment as well as knowing my work helps the world even if only a little bit.

The new path and transition

Though I am still tweaking it, in general terms, I would like to make a living by assisting humanitarian causes or organizations using my skills in technology while traveling around the world. The change from the old path to the new one cannot be abrupt. I still need to finish a some things I started, cut off other, and especially plan and organize.

What is left and needs to be finished

What needs to be cut off, simplified or improved

  • Possessions (simplified)
  • Old technology (cut off)
  • NGO/Humanitarian work experience (improved)

I hope that working towards this new path will finally bring me the happiness and purpose I crave.

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