About Me

Short and to the point

I am a programmer, backpacker and hobby musician. I code LAMP & Javascript websites and applications, keep blogs about my travels, play guitar, piano, percussion and occasionally compose songs. I live in Buenos Aires and I am planning to move to Australia.

Get to know me more

Early life

I was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador in 1987. My upbringing focused on honesty, some travel, academic achievement and pursuing a career of my liking. Early in life I got attracted to computers and music. Being a nerd I ended up wanting to pursue a Computer Science degree and eventually owning my own software business.

I attended Colegio Americano de Guayaquil until 10th grade. My school life tended to be geeky, academically focused with the occasional artistic event, and a little lonely.

Ohio experience

In 2003 my family and me moved to Kent, OH where my dad pursued graduate studies. I finished high school at Theodore Roosevelt High School. My experiences there were much more interesting. There was a lot of new things that happened, including my first girlfriend, robotic competition and win, and first extended stay outside my home country.

After graduation I attended Kent State University, which was a complete pleasure and my first taste of independence. Away from home I was able to develop much better my own sense of identity and my relationship with the world.

Sad return

Unfortunately the cost of education in the US is very high, and after 3 semesters there was not enough money. I flew back to Ecuador and enrolled in a local university, while working as a programmer. While I did get my first job as a programmer, that period was very hard. I had to leave Kent and my independence and move back in with my parents.

Arrival in Argentina

On 2007 I had another opportunity to leave Ecuador and regain my independence. I continued my studies at Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires. This time I was determined not to let money be an impediment, so I worked a lot while going to school. Though it did pay off and I was able to stay, gain residency and establish a life there, my classes took a secondary priority and it has taken me twice the time it usually take. I am currently finishing my last classes, in the process of gaining citizenship, and planning to move to a different country and start yet another chapter in my life.

Feel free to do as you wish, as long as your actions do not hurt a third party